Gender Diverse Support & Social Groups

The team at Queer Connections have compiled an easy to use ‘go-to’ list of crisis and non-crisis contacts that support our diverse community as well as contacts for groups and services that can be accessed. Check it out: Queer Connections Referral List

Also here in this section, Trans Health South Australia will help by listing some of the social and support groups in both metro and regional South Australia. Check them out below:

TransMascSA (formerly FTMen-SA)

TransMascSA is a group for transgender men and gender diverse people who identify along the masculine end of the gender spectrum to have a safe and inclusive space. TransMasc SA meets at 57 Hyde Street fortnightly on a Wednesday and is a confidential, social support style group that promotes holistic well-being and social connectedness through peer support.
They can be contacted at:
Check out their flyer here:
Check them out on Facebook here:


TransFemSA is a safe space for transgender South Australians who are on the feminine end of the gender spectrum.
Facebook –
Email –


Extract from the GENDASA Site:
This group is an open-door offer to all gender diverse people and supporters who wish to see our rights, wellbeing and wider-community perception improve, and achieve the first steps towards these goals. A discussion group for all to express opinions, establish community projects or to simply meet and support others.
Website :

Parents of Gender Diverse Children – SA

Parents of Gender Diverse Children South Australia exists to support parents and those who are parenting trans and gender diverse children of any age. We provide direct and immediate peer support, and connect parents and carers to services and support, both in SA and online.

Queer Youth Drop-In

A regular bi-monthly Drop In space for queer young people to meet, feel comfortable and take part in activities planned by and for queer young people. We meet every second and fourth Thursday of the month, 6-9pm at Experience Café – 13 Hutt St, Adelaide.
Check them out on Facebook at:

Carrousel Club of South Australia 

A not for profit organisation that offers a social, support and friendship network to the all within the transgender community of South Australia. They host regular dinners and meet-ups to provide a socially supportive safe space for people to catch up and chat.
Website –
Email –

Southern Adelaide Queer Youth Drop-In

If you are between 15 and 25 and identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, asexual, intersex, pansexual or anything in between, this space exists for you. We have activities, workshops, speakers, games, foodz and chill hangs.
We meet the first and third Thursday of the month at 13-17 McKinna Road, Christie Downs.
Contact them at : 8378 4100
Check them on Facebook:


A group run by and for trans and non-binary youth in South Australia. We hold meetings twice monthly in the Adelaide CBD. For more details on these meetings, you must be added to the secret Facebook group or on the email list.
Contact them at:
Email –
Tumblr –
Facebook –

Moolagoo Mob

Moolagoo Mob & Blak Lemons is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group which offers a social and support network for those who identify as gay, lesbian, sistergirl, or brotherboy.
We meet every month in a friendly, safe and confidential environment.
We come together to:
• Build new friendships
• Offer support to newly-identifying gay, lesbian, sistergirls, and brotherboys
• Share information
• Celebrate our unique culture and diversity.
Check them out on Facebook –

Gender Dive

A social support group that meets fortnightly run by Headspace Edinburgh North and held at Salisbury Twelve25. The group supports transgender (including ftm/mtf/non-binary) and female identified people who are lesbian, bisexual, pansexual or queer 12-25.
Contact them at: 7073 7080
Email –


Group program held at headspace Port Adelaide (teamed with Urban Youth ) for young people aged 12-17 years who identify as gender questioning, gender-diverse and transgender with an aim of building resilience, skills and peer support.
Contact Kirsty at: 8215 6340
Check out the flyer for more info – YOUSpace Flyer

Pride of the South

A LGBTIQ network group for the Southern communities of Adelaide.
Our vision is to create opportunities for LGBTIQ people to ‘come out’ and enjoy family-friendly community events held in the South. We aim to celebrate our unique culture by promoting and fostering togetherness and goodwill.
Contact them at: 0401319931

Check them out on Facebook –

Rainbow Group

Group drop in program for young people aged 12-17 years who identify as LGBTIQ held at headspace Port Adelaide and teamed with Urban Youth.
A safe space to build resilience, develop new skills, obtain peer support and meet like minded people.
Contact Kirsty at: 8215 6340
Check out the flyer for more info – Rainbow Group Flyer

Southern Fleurieu Q+

LGBTIQ support group for young people in the southern fleurieu, created by young people to give a voice, support and education.
Contact them at: 0422459660
Email them at:
Check them out on Facebook here:

Murray Bridge QYouth

A group for Murraylands youth aged 16-25 identifying or supporting people of the LGTBIQA spectrum. We meet regularly in Murray Bridge.
Check them out on Facebook here:

Adelaide Queer Gamers

Queer Gamers is a community social group for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) LGBTIQ people aged from 20 to 30 to meet local queer people and socialise over board games. The aim of Queer Gamers is to provide a safe space for CALD people to meet similar people their age in Adelaide in a safe, comfortable environment. Though the group is focused towards CALD member of the LGBTIQ community, non-CALD members are also welcomed!
The social group is free and is hosted fortnightly at SAMESH, 57 Hyde Street from 2:30pm to 6:00pm. Snacks and drinks are provided!
Check them out on Facebook –