Legal & Medical

Hey folks, in this section we will list links and PDFs to useful resources that help make our lives as gender diverse persons a bit easier. It will also help professionals to know how to feel a bit more at ease in supporting our community!


Birth Certificate Change of Sex/Gender Marker

For those wishing to change their gender marker a new process is now in place that is much simpler for both applicants and medical practitioners / psychs. Be sure to note the lowered fee structure:

“Application to register change of sex or gender identity fee – $47.75

Application fees also apply to:

  • Apply for a new birth certificate (born in SA) – $47.75
  • Apply for an identity acknowledgement certificate (born overseas) – $47.75.”

Click HERE for a link to the South Australian Government page with full details.

Click HERE for a quick link to the PDF Application Form.

Click below to read a letter from the premier regarding the new change.
Premiers Letter re Birth Cert Amendment May 2017


Legal Name Change for those born in South Australia

For those wishing to change their name there is a bit of a process.

First you need to download the forms and fill them out and then check you have all the required ID documents (it gives you a list of what is needed on the application form).

Once this is done you then make an appointment to meet with a Consumer and Business Services staff member and submit all the paper work, pay the fee and decide if you wish to have a separate change of name certificate issued or to have it printed on the reverse of your birth certificate. The staff will explain to what this means when you go in.

Click HERE for the application form (child and adult), fee info and checklist of what you will need.

Click HERE to book an appointment to meet with the CBS name change team.


The Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender

This document enables a person to amend their federal based gender marker WITHOUT the need to evidence taken hormones or have had any surgical procedure. This means a person can change documents such as their Medicare, Centrelink, bank account, superannuation, Tax, school, TAFE, Uni, FlyBuys, insurance, drivers licence / proof of age card etc. Basically this means everything EXCLUDING your Birth Certificate.

Here is the document:
Aus Govt. Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender

Take note of the important stuff in section 24 and 25 on Page 5 of the document and the appendix for a template for medical practitioners to make use of with ease.


Testosterone Prescribing

For trans masculine folk wishing to access hormone therapy, it can be a bit muggy knowing how to access anything but hopefully this clears it up. This is taken directly from, and also hyperlinked to, the PBS federal guidelines under Medicare:
Prescription guidelines under PBS 

Of importance are the guidelines which are applicable for most (not all) trans masc:
 “Authority Required

  • Androgen deficiency  (THSA note – this is the most applicable to trans masc folk)

Clinical criteria:

  • Patient must have an established pituitary or testicular disorder.

Treatment criteria:

  • Must be treated by a specialist paediatric endocrinologist, specialist urologist, specialist endocrinologist or a Fellow of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine; or in consultation with one of these specialists; OR have an appointment to be assessed by one of these specialists.

The name of the specialist must be included in the authority application.”

SO! this means a GP can prescribe once a referral has been written AND an appointment made to a specialist as noted above.
THSA notes that in no way is this an endorsement not to access some health professionals and specialists. THSA values the work of practitioner specialists such as Endocrinologists and Sexual Health Physicians and encourages folk’ access the services they need in collaboration with their General Practitioner. This does however, empower GP’s who feel capable and competent to be able to provide a service, to know they are able to do so.


Medication Prescribing for Transgender Women / Trans-Feminine Persons

Medications prescribed to those assigned male at birth (AFAB) do not have the same PBS and Medicare restrictions as testosterone. For example, androgen blockers such as Spironolactone or Cyproterone are considered  “General Schedule ” and do not have any “Authority” requirement as are medications containing estrogen/oestrodiol.

Trans Health SA acknowledges this means a suitably educated medical practitioner (GP) can prescribe these medications however it is highly encouraged to do so via a trained and experienced provider in trans and gender diverse health.


WPATH – World Professional Association for Transgender Health

“WPATH is a non-profit, interdisciplinary professional and educational organization devoted to transgender health.” …Their “mission is to promote evidence based care, education, research, advocacy, public policy, and respect in transgender health.”
WPATH has established the STANDARDS OF CARE (click here) which provides a template for clinical guidance for health professionals in providing a service to transgender persons. It can also be of use to individuals, families and other social institutions in supporting transgender people.

Access the WPATH webiste here – WPATH


Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines for Trans and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents 

A document aiming to maximize quality care given to those under the age of 18 whom identify as trans or gender diverse. The document provides areas of discussion for treatment options whilst acknowledging current legal constraints and political/legal recommendations.

Read the document here – Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines for Trans and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents


Department For Education and Childhood Development Gender Diverse School Procedure

“This procedure outlines school and preschool processes for supporting transgender and intersex children or young people enrolled at departmental education and care sites in accordance with the DECD policy, Supporting same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students.”

View the procedure here – Transgender and intersex student support procedure.

View the most recent media update regarding this procedure – Here.