TransMascSA (formerly FTMen-SA) is a South Australian group for transgender men and trans masculine folks assigned female at birth. They are working to create a series of resources for trans masc folk on their gender journey.

Mental Health is important, check out TransMascSA and their tips to cope with stress:
TransMascSA – Coping with Stress.

Language is important, check out this language guide for a list of some common, and not so common, words you may hear in the trans and gender diverse community:
TransMascSA – Language Guide V1 Dec 2020

TransMascSA has done some research and provided guidance on places to purchase a chest binder:
TransMascSA – Where to Buy a Binder

If  you’ve thought about, and decided to have a consult with a surgeon for Top Surgery, it can be helpful to know what to ask. TransMascSA have some suggestions on just that!:
TransMascSA – Questions to ask your Top Surgeon

If you are contemplating how to pay for Top Surgery (or any surgery as a transgender person) this fact sheet may help clear up some confusion and help your planning:
TransMascSA – Planning for Costs of Top Surgery

If you are about to start a new course, such as at Uni/Tafe etc, and the name you use everyday and your legal name do not match it can be tricky knowing how to notify your teacher. Let this simple Word Document template take the stress of that away by simply copying and pasting the text:
TransMascSA – Notifying a teacher of your chosen name / pronouns

If you are supporting someone who is gender diverse, recently met someone who is, or simply want to understand a bit of trans etiquette, check out this document. It is also really handy if you are a trans person who would like those around you to have a bit more knowledge:
TransMascSA – What Trans People Want You to Know

Claremont Goulet Consultancy is a local service proudly owned and operated by South Australian transgender woman, Lisette Claremont. Claremont Goulet Consultancy states they are dedicated to Diversity and Equality.
Find them on facebook –
See the website –

Claremont Goulet has begun developing a series of resources  for the community and consented to having some of them located here at Trans Health SA.

CGC Name and Gender Cheat Sheet
This is a resource aiming to make changing your name and gender marker legally here in South Australia, as well as updating some identity documents, that little bit less stressful.

Bits and Pieces is a group of gender and sexually diverse people with lived experience of mental illness that meets fortnightly to provide solidarity with each other and have discussions. As a group we have created this zine to express our experiences with gender, sexuality and mental health artistically. We welcome others to contribute.
Email – 

Bits and Pieces Vol.1 (content note for language and references to mental illness/suicide)