If you are a practitioner and wish to be added to the practitioners list, please complete the form:
Practitioner List Addition Request

Contact via email at:¬†[email protected]

Trans Health South Australia (SA) strives to reply to all emails in a timely manner but notes this can take up to two weeks depending on volunteer availability. You can send an email to suggest a new practitioner to add to the SA Practitioners’ List, edit/remove a practitioner, or suggest an event, resource or group that the we should post to the page and promote.

Please understand that if you are seeking information for referral options we will direct you to make contact with services such as SHINE SA or to the SA Practitioner Directory where you will find a number of GPs, psychologists and other allied health staff such as counsellors, social workers (in roles such as counselling and clinical mental health), psychotherapists, massage therapists, speech pathologists etc. Referring to this section of our website also highlights a number of services and agencies that may be helpful for those seeking counselling.  https://new.transhealthsa.com/other-agencies-and-resources/

Please do NOT send patient information or referrals to us, we are not a health care provider.

Please note that we are unable to complete Year 10/11/12 Research Project Interviews at this time. Very Sorry.

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