This page will highlight community surveys and studies, as well as significant publications of importance to the Australian, and South Australian, trans and gender diverse community. This will be refreshed ongoingly and will never be considered an exhaustive list of literature.


Trans Health Research

Trans Health Research This is one of the most ongoingly comprehensive resources including fact sheets and videos, journals and research publications, ongoing research projects and much more. Their Facebook page also shares findings from Australian and International Trans Health studies.

LaTrobe University – Writing Themselves In 4: The health and wellbeing of LGBTQA+ young people in Australia.

Writing Themselves In 4 is the latest in a series of studies exploring the health and wellbeing of LGBTQA+ young people ages 14-21 in Australia. The National Report explores young peoples’ experiences of employment, education, housing, harassment, assault, mental health, and substance use.
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Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey: Report of Findings.

The Australian Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) Sexual Health Survey is the first Australian study to explicitly explore TGD sexual health and relationships. In addition to insights about gender, sexuality, and relationships, the report provides information on gender affirmation and sexuality, sexual health care including STI testing, sexual practices and risk behaviours, and experiences of sexual violence.
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Trans Pathways

Trans Pathways is the largest study to date about mental health and accessing care as a TGD young person in Australia. Notably, Trans Pathways includes the views of parents and guardians of TGD young people as well as young people themselves. The report covers topics including mental health, self-harm and suicide, risk and protective factors, self care, parental support, care pathways, and experiences of medical transition.
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LaTrobe University – From Blues to Rainbows:  The mental health and well-being of gender diverse and transgender young people in Australia.

From Blues to Rainbows explores the mental health of TGD young people ages 14 to 25. The report covers topics such as the school environment, mental health, experiences of abuse and harassment, experiences seeking mental health care, and resilience and protective factors.
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