This version of the SA Practitioner’s List is no longer being updated.
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Trans Health South Australia (SA) is proud to host the SA Practitioners List.

SA Practitioners List 14.10.2022

The list is an always changing and evolving document that reflects the needs of the community. It is not an exhaustive list. It provides practitioners the ability to advise the community of their service and empowers the community to search for a practitioner that meets their needs. Thus, this provides accountability and choice for all.

If a practitioner wishes to be added, removed or have their details amended please advise via email at
Practitioners listed on The SA Practitioners List is based on feedback from members of the community and/or practitioners directly and is not an endorsement of a particular service or individual. There is no costs to be added to this list.

This document is a guide only and Trans Health SA takes no responsibility for services a practitioner may or may not provide. Being listed on the document is in no way an endorsement or recommendation by Trans Health SA. All efforts are taken to ensure that those listed have experience / relative training in working with gender diverse peoples. It is the responsibility of the individual to check if the practitioner is taking patients and able to provide the service required. The individual should also enquire as to any referral criteria, costs / bulk billing / NDIS options and wait times.

Community members are encouraged to contact and make recommendations / provide feedback of practitioners. Repeated negative feedback of a practitioner may result in their removal from this list.

What to do if you had a negative experience of a listed practitioner?
We strive to ensure as safe an experience possible whilst acknowledging that not everyone gets along and that sometimes we may not get our needs met. This applies to health providers too. It can take time to build a rapport with a practitioner, and sometimes we just don’t click. This doesn’t make them a bad practitioner, they’re just not right for you and that’s ok.

If you feel that a practitioner has said, acted, or behaved in a way that is disrespectful, invalidating or transphobic then we want to know so we can remove them from the list. Removing a practitioner from the list is not a simple decision and may not be done based on one piece of feedback alone, however, we want to ensure the best for our community so please contact us with feedback so we can review the practitioner together. Together we can build a safer resource list for our community.

If you have serious concerns regarding a practitioner and their practice you can check their registration with AHPRA*. This national peak body is the Australia Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority and enables you to see their registration, any practice restrictions, and where to lodge a formal concern/complaint.
Click Here for more info.  

* Not every health practitioner is required or eligible to register with AHPRA. Not all professions require mandatory registration so you may chose to follow up with their employer or clinic manager directly, or with South Australian Government Health and Community Services Complaints Commission (HCSCC).

Want to publish the SA Practitioners List on your website?
The list is provided as a free PDF document for ease of download and storage. Other services and websites are welcome to utilise and promote the SA Practitioners’ List however, due to its continual revisions, it is advised to utilise a hyperlink to this page to ensure the most current version is always available.